Friday, June 24, 2005

The latest

Welcome to the newest thing in my life besides my daughter who is now three weeks old. Once a week I'll dip in here to do a weekly recap of the madness that is my life. More often if the spirit moves me. I am working on many hours of sleep deprivation now. Between Isis waking up every other hour screaming for her mother's tit, the press of deadlines for Succulent Prey and The Book of A Thousand Sins, my nine to five building over-priced homes for wealthy people with no common sense who are willing to pay more for a house than its appraised value, my second job training fighters for mixed martial arts competition, and being a father to Sultan and Isis, a lover to Christie, a friend to my many on-line buddies, I am exhausted. Yet still I have taken on the burden of this blog. Why? Because sometimes you just need to vent. That's why. So stay tuned. There will be lots of humor, horror, and mayhem ahead.



Zombie Dirge said...
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Zombie Dirge said...

Sorry, for that.. I love your blog, purfect for a man that needs a fix.