Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's All Good to Me

I have always loved Tyra's body. Why? Because she was a fashion model with hips and breasts. I always found it peculiar that all her runway pictures from the mid-nineties showed her with her breasts smashed flat like some flapper from the twenties as if the fashion designers were afraid someone would realize she had the body of a real woman instead of the pre-pubescent boys they seemed to favor. Now they are at it again.

Tyra Banks is five-foot-ten inches tall and one hundred and sixty one pounds. She also has DD breasts and hips. That ain't fat. That's a woman. There are millions of women who would kill to look like her and men who would help them bury the bodies. She has breasts and hips and she even has a bit of an ass now. Tyra, you are perfect.

Now, despite my lusting for her physical proportions, I can't honestly say that I am a Tyra Banks fan. Something about her personality still rings false and shallow for me. I suspect that the more she divorces herself from that dehumanizing, superficial, misogynistic industry she was a part of for so many years, the more her personality will grow. Now, she still feels to me as if her emotional maturity arrested at the age she entered the fashion industry. An eighteen-year-old in a thirty-three-year-old's body. The type of things she is exposing herself to on her new talk show will no doubt help with this. There is, in fact, evidence that it is helping already such as the way she has responded to the controversy over her weight gain.

Rather than rush off to a fat farm or run out and higher dietitians and personal trainers, she simply and unapologetically stated that yes, that was her. Yes, she did gain weight. And yes, she still thinks she looks sexy. I think she still looks sexy as well. Her thicker hips and ass make me want to bite big chunks out of them and her larger breasts make me wish I was a baby again. She looks the way women are supposed to look. She is not overweight. She is far from obese and is not likely to suffer from any obesity related illnesses any time soon. The only problem is that she no longer fits into the fashion industry's idealized and rather perverse standard of beauty, namely, no hips, no ass, scant breasts, and no cellulite. News flash woman-haters, real women don't look that way. Real women have curves. In the real world, Tyra's proportions would be infinitely desirable. She has Mellissa Ford, Buffie the Body, proportions now, less some ass.

What I liked even more about how Tyra handled this was that her first thought was not of her reputation but of all the young women who applauded her for making curves beautiful again. She was worried, and rightfully so, about them picking up newspapers that declared that curvaceous figures were now once again considered "fat" and "ugly". What would a woman who was five-ten one hundred and eighty pounds think of herself if all the newspapers and magazines said that 160 pounds was fat and ugly? It is weird to me that we are talking about a gorgeous 160lb woman as if she was a plus-sized model. Doesn't that seem peculiar to you?

Tyra also stated unabashedly that she expected that she would probably gain five pounds a year, which would have her over two-hundred pounds by age forty and that she would still think she was sexy. A five-foot-ten 200lb man would never be called fat and we don't have DD breasts, hips or ass. If it wasn't muscle, the bulk of that weight would likely be on our stomachs and no tabloid would rush out to take pictures of us in bathing suits. Okay, maybe if Brad Pitt developed a beer belly. But he'd likely laugh it off and the world would laugh with him because we don't mind men gaining weight. Women are supposed to keep the bodies they had when they were thirteen forever according to the gynophobic fashion world. Is this fair? Hell no!

I have said it many times before, I love women. I love every curve of their bodies and I despise the industry that makes billions of dollars a year convincing all of you that you are anything less than perfect. The ones that tell you that you are ugly without make-up, ugly without $600 shoes or $2000 purses, ugly without the latest face creams, shampoos, moisturizers, and conditioners, ugly without the latest fad diet or work out video or gadget, ugly without plastic surgery. The industry Tyra made millions in. I understand those who thinks she is getting what she deserves for making so much money making so many women feel inadequate for so many years. I get that, But you know she won't be the ones to suffer for this but rather all the women who continue to buy into the bullshit, all the women who make the fashion industry the billion-dollar business it is. They will be the ones suffering depression and anorexia and bulimia and god knows what else, thinking, "If Tyra's fat I must be morbidly obese!"

Ain't nothing wrong with Tyra's luscious body and ain't nothing wrong with yours. Women were meant to have curves. Nature designed you that way. Real men appreciate real women. If your man wants you to look like a fashion model, just repeat that in your head and re-evaluate what type of man you've got. You shouldn't allow yourself to be duped by the fashion industry and neither should he and neither should Tyra. Hips, ass, breasts, it's all good to me. I know and appreciate a real woman when I see one and that, my friends, is a real woman. I for damn sure wouldn't kick her out of my bed.


Zombie Dirge said...

I do believe she looks better now than she did back in the days.

God, I just want to take here and....


Crystal said...

I'm with Zombie, she definitely looks better now. Frankly, I think she might even be a little bit too thin still.

I'm only 5'7 and I refuse to ever get below 160 pounds. No desire to look emaciated. I happen to like my ass. =D ;)

Oh and I love you wrath. Have I meantioned that?

Michele Lee said...

Can I chime in here with a "Hell yeah". I confess, I'm a Top Model watcher. I'm entranced by the strange mixture. It's a show about objectifying these women, about selling their look and their body. And yet it's about building a confidence to work through negative body images too. I expected it to be more like Janice Dickenson's show, where she tells normals women they need to drop weight and brags about her models not eating for three days and how great they look for it.
Ugh, gimme Tyra or Mia Tyler any day. If I'm gonna be with a woman I don't want to be scared I'll break her.

Lauren said...

"Did you ever know that you're my hero?" :-) This is why I adore you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby, I totally agree with all the comments thus far. She looks amazing with the added weight.

Tyra handled her idiot critics with grace.

Keep doing what you're doing little brother. I'm sooooo proud of you. Love you, your big sis Nikky

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby, I totally agree with all the comments thus far. She looks amazing with the added weight. For a women who has suffered with body image problems for many years it was great to see how gracefully Tyra handled her idiot critics. Keep doing what you're doing little brother. I'm sooooo proud of you. Love you, Nikky

Wrath said...

Thanks Nikky, and welcome to my Blog!