Monday, February 02, 2009

On the Promo Trail

Well, I have taken my promotional efforts to the mass media. The local weekly paper here in the City of Sin, Las Vegas City Life, has done a feature article on yours truly

I am also scheduled to do an interview on National Public Radio next friday the 13th to talk about Succulent Prey and all things Wrath. I'm not sure if this will be broadcast nationally or just locally but I'll post a link to the podcast following the broadcast either way.

I've done almost a dozen interviews yet for some reason this one has me as nervous as a virgin on prom night. Wish me luck.


igrat777 said...

GOOD LUCK!! I'm looking forward to hearing it. No need to be nervous... you'll do great! Besides, it's 2008. There are no more "virgins on prom night". ;o) LOL
Sending good thoughts your way.
(Oh - and I LOOOOVED Hero. I'm torn between that and Succulent Prey as to which is my favorite piece of Wrath. You're an amazing writer.)

Anonymous said...

Wrath has gone HOLLYWOOD! Teasing. I know you'll do well. I can hardly wait to hear the interview. The more people find out about your work, the better. I'm sure Succulent Prey will be a hit. But the exposure will bring new attention to all your works. That ain't a bad thing! I became a fan after reading Book Of A Thousand Sins. I can certainly see that, Succulent Prey and your other works surging in popularity from this exposure...