Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest Projects

My newest novel,The Resurrectionist, is now in the hands of the publisher(s). I would expect to see the limited from CCP fairly soon. Probably this summer around the time that Yaccub hits the shelves via Necro Books. Then the mass-market release from Leisure should be out in November/December if not early 2010. Here's a glimpse at the back cover copy to give you an idea what the book is about.

Dale McCarthy has a unique and miraculous ability. He can bring the dead back to life, though the resurrected have no memory of their death. But not every miracle comes from God, and not every healer is a saint.

Ever since her new neighbor moved in, Sarah Lincoln has been having terrible nightmares. Last night she dreamed that she and her husband were brutally murdered in their beds. This morning she found bloody sheets in the laundry and blood stains on her mattress. And the nightmare is the same, night after night after night. With no one prepared to take her wild fears seriously, Sarah will have to save herself from being murdered. Again.

I'm sure you will enjoy this one. For those who don't know about my urban gangsta horror novel Yaccub set to be released in August from Necro Books. Here's a brief synopsis:

Yaccub follows the life of Malik Black, a highly intelligent though confused and often angry young black kid as he grows up in a crime infested neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia known as "G-town". The novel follows Malik and his two best friends, Tank, a hulking teenager attracted to the “gangsta” lifestyle by the promise of wealth and women, and Tank’s brother Huey, light skinned and comely but ruthless and driven by an almost psychopathic racial hatred, as he digresses further and further into the criminal lifestyle. When Malik becomes a hitman for a white drug dealer named Scratch, who may or may not be Satan himself, it sparks a desperate battle within him between good and evil, sanity and madness, redemption and damnation. Things further complicate when Malik learns that his employer is on a mission to murder a newborn crack baby that he believes to be Jesus Christ. Malik later discovers that his own prejudice and violent egoistic hedonism has made him as much a menace to his people as the man he believes to be the devil and that both he and his employer may have been created millenniums ago by an evil geneticist/sorcerer named Dr. Yaccub for the same purpose, to ensure strife between the races.

Drawing on Christian and Nation of Islam mythology, Yaccub is a look at the destructiveness of drugs, poverty, crime, and prejudice from a unique perspective, that of the guilty. It examines the motivations and rationalizations of drug dealers and murderers and the hypocrisy of those who think there is such a thing as justifiable prejudice.

Yeah, I packed a lot into this novel. I do hope you enjoy it.

So what am I writing now? I'm currently working on a short novelette titled Reaper about a drone pilot experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm haunting the bars around Nellis Airforce base trying to find a drone pilot willing to talk about what he does. I'm also watching hours and hours of war footage of bombing missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, taken via satellite and some from actual control rooms at Nellis. Funny, how you never imagined that a pilot sitting in Las Vegas bombing targets in Iraq could experience PTSD. If anything the argument was that they would be so detached from the humanity and reality of war that it would be like playing a video game and they would dehumanize the enemy even further. But apparently they get it worse than regular pilots. This one is pretty deep. It's much different than my normal stuff. None of the psychosexual violence, but this is so real that I think it's just as disturbing as anything I've written.

Well, that's it so far. So be on the lookout for The Resurrectionist, Yaccub, and The Reaper, three very different tastes that taste great together. Al due out this year. Next year...Poisoning Eros II!


Mike Brendan said...

I'm really interested in "Yaccub" and "The Reaper." Those sound like strong, gripping reads already.

Anonymous said...

What's Up Wrath.

I am a retired First Sergeant. I was a computers code specialist for the first 6 years. For my next 6 years I designed and tested the software for the drones. My last four years I droned 30 missions in Iraq. And others, if you want a perspective on the vigorous training and the mental aspects of it all, let me know...I am willing to talk...Email me if you are interested.

Anonymous said...



He who increases knowledge is one of my all time favorite stories.

I also love The Pregnant Lady, that is still my top ten...

And Poisoning Eros wow, I can't wait for the second installment.

Anyway...Email me if you have any questions of the aspects of drones.