Sunday, August 30, 2009

KillerCon Programming Schedule!

KillerCon Programming

12:00 to 5:00PM Registration
5:00PM: Strip Crawl! Shuttles will leave every thirty minutes to take you to and from the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy the glitz and glamour of some of the world’s largest casinos.
10:00PM to 4:00AM: Pajama Party and Horror Movie Marathon in the Hospitality Suite. Six hours of nonstop horror—what better way to get you in the mood for the weekend?

10:00AM: Registration and dealer’s room open
10:00AM The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing the Short Story: The basics every writer needs to know to avoid rejection from paragraph one. Moderator Adam Pepper. Panelists Hal Bodner, Gardner Goldsmith, Paul Gifford, Gene O’Neill, Erik Williams.
10:00AM: Reading by Gord Rollo
10:30AM: Reading by Nathan Walpow
11:00AM Anatomy of A Serial Killer: How to write a realistic psychopath, dispose of a body, and other things the FBI would rather you didn’t know. Moderator Nathan Walpow. Panelists Gord Rollo, Mark Worthen, Dave Simms, Tim Marquitz, Noel Hynd
11:00AM: Reading by Gene O’Neill
11:30AM: Reading by Adam Pepper
12:00-1:00PM: Lunch
1:00PM: Six Million Ways To Die: How to Write A Realistic Murder Scene While Avoiding Clichés and Utter Absurdity. Moderator Brian Keene. Panelists Joe Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Edward Lee, Bill Gagliani, Nathan Walpow.
1:00PM: Reading by L.L. Soares
1:30PM: Reading by Meghan Knierim
2:00PM: Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing and Self-Promotion. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy: How to promote yourself and your work. Moderator: Matt Schwartz. Panelists: Brian Keene, Gabrielle Faust, Gene O’Neill, Kasey Lansdale, Maurice Broaddus, Lori Perkins
2:00PM: Reading by Edward Lee
2:30PM: Reading by F. Paul Wilson
2:30-4:00PM Q&A with Joe Lansdale, Heather Graham & Edward Lee
3:00PM Bite Me, Chew off my Face, but Love Me: When did vampires, werewolves and other monsters become love interests? Moderator Gabrielle Faust. Panelists Bill Gagliani, L.A. Banks, Beth Blue, Cory Cramer, BL Morgan.
3:00PM Reading by John Skipp
3:30PM Reading by Cody Goodfellow
4:00PM Seven Deadly Sins of Working with an Editor: How to learn to listen and to let go of your prose, no matter how beautiful. Moderator: Meghan Knierim. Panelists: Bailey Hunter, Roy Robbins, Angela James, Bill Gilchrist, Kim Richards-Gilchrist, Kelli Dunlap.
4:00PM Reading by Brian Keene
4:30PM Reading by Sèphera Girón
5:00PM Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Publishing: Authors Talk About The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing. Moderator: Jennifer Caress. Panelists: BL Morgan, Paul Gifford, Rick Holderman, Azrael Paul Damien
5:00PM Reading by Mark Worthen
5:30PM Reading by Kurt Newton
6:00-8:00PM Official Welcome/Opening Ceremonies; Cocktail Party with our Guests of Honor!
7:00PM Dealer’s Room Closes
8:00PM Sensual and Spooky: Is Paranormal Romance the new horror? Moderator Jeannie Eddy. Panelists L.A. Banks, Heather Graham, Sèphera Girón, Hal Bodner
8:00PM Reading by Wrath James White
8:30PM Reading by Rain Graves
9:00PM Creative Fiction Contest! (Judges TBA)
10:00-?PM Damnation Books Party in the Hospitality Suite!

Pitch sessions (details TBA)
10:00AM: Registration and dealer’s room open
10:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Characterization: Writing Believable Characters While Avoiding the Tropes: Moderator: Bill Gagliani. Panelists L.A. Banks, Hal Bodner, Maurice Broaddus, Adam Coats.
10:00AM: Reading by Gardner Goldsmith
10:30AM: Reading by Noel Hynd
11:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Living With a Writer. The Highs and Lows of Life With A Writer. Moderator: Jeannie Eddy. Panelists: Karen Lansdale, Christie White, Mark Worthen, Kelli Dunlap, Derek Sullivan.
11:00AM: Reading by Lisa Mannetti
11:30AM: Reading by Bill Gagliani
12:00-1:00PM: Lunch
1:00PM: What makes a good horror movie? Moderator L.L. Soares. Panelists Mike McCarty, Edward Lee, John Palisano, Kurt Newton, Zac Sanford
1:00PM Reading by Heather Graham
1:30PM Reading by William Ollie
1:00-3:00PM Marketing and Promoting Your Book on a Shoestring Budget with Matt Schwartz, Director of digital strategy for Random House Publishing Group and an adjunct professor teaching book marketing at New York University. Learn the tricks of the digital trade in this 2-hour seminar that will teach you more than a dozen ways to market your book and build your online fan base that are free or cost next-to-nothing. Limited to 20 seats per seminar, you will receive custom advice specific to your books and goals. These tips can assist established authors and newcomers alike. This is a FREE event but is limited to 20 attendees. First come, first served! Sign-up will be available at Registration, or by emailing (registered members only).
2:00PM: Eros and Thanatos: Erotic Horror vs. Paranormal Romance vs. Pornography. What’s the difference? Moderator Sèphera Girón. Panelists Angela James, Rain Graves, Meghan Knierim, Heather Graham, Lori Perkins
2:00PM Reading by L.A. Banks
2:30PM Adam Coats Lecture: Martial arts, techniques, and adding realistic fight scenes to your fiction
2:30-4PM: Q&A with Allen K, L.A. Banks & Brian Keene
3:00PM: Seven Deadly Sins of Writing Extreme Horror: The Fine Art of Sex and Violence. Moderator: Gord Rollo. Panelists: Edward Lee, Amy Grech, Cody Goodfellow, John Skipp, Gardner Goldsmith, Wrath James White, Monica J. O'Rourke
3:00-5:00PM Inside Digital Publishing with Angela James, industry expert and Editorial Director of Quartet Press. Get answers to your questions about digital publishing. Angela James offers a frank discussion on all aspects of digital publishing, answering questions from previous sessions, as well as questions you come prepared to ask, such as: Why don't e-publishers pay at least a minimum $1000 advance to all of their authors? What are the benefits of this shift from the long-time “business model” used by print houses? Is there a future for e-books other than erotica? Why should print authors also look to publish e-books? What should I know about my digital rights with traditional publishing houses? Limited to 12 seats, Angela’s workshop will assist established authors and newcomers alike. This is a FREE event but is limited to 12 attendees. First come, first served! Sign-up will be available at Registration, or by emailing (registered members only).
3:00PM Reading by John Palisano
3:30PM Reading by Jeannie Eddy
4:00PM Turning a Monster on its Ear: Can You Really Romance a Zombie? Moderator Gord Rollo. Panelists Brian Keene, Lori Perkins, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow
4:00PM Reading by Joe Lansdale
4:30PM Reading by Maurice Broaddus
5:00-7:00PM Mass Signing
7:00PM Dealer Room Closes
7:00PM Strip Crawl! Shuttles will leave every thirty minutes to take you to and from the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy the glitz and glamour of some of the world’s largest casinos.
7:00PM Male or Female? The game show that challenges the audience to guess the gender of the author of a passage of classic or current horror. Can you tell the difference? Moderator Matt Schwartz. Panelists Allen K, Maurice Broaddus, Rain Graves, L.L. Soares
8:00PM Seven Deadly Sins of Writing Erotic Fiction: Moderator: Gabrielle Faust. Panelists: Sèphera Girón, Rain Graves, Hal Bodner, L.A. Banks, Jeannie Eddy
8:00PM Reading by Rhodi Hawk
8:30PM Reading by Amy Grech
9:00PM Book Reviewing vs. Criticism: What’s the difference? Moderator Jim Argendeli. Panelists Bill Gagliani, James La Chance, Barbara Vey, Chris Welch, Jerry Unangst, Kelli Dunlap.
10:00PM Open Mic Poetry Reading hosted by Rain Graves: You weren’t planning on going to bed tonight anyway, were you?
11:00PM Erotic Horror Fiction Contest! (Judges TBA)

10:00AM: Dealer’s room open
10:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Horror Art: Becoming famous while you’re still alive. What the horror artist does in and for the genre. Moderator GAK. Panelists Allen K, John Palisano, Russell Dickerson
10:00AM Reading by Azrael Paul Damien
10:30AM Reading by Cory Cramer
11:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Plot Development: Why storytelling is more than just having a good plot. Moderator Rain Graves. Panelists: Joe Lansdale, Lisa Mannetti, Brian Keene, Sèphera Girón
11:00AM Reading by Paul Gifford
12:00PM Seven Deadly Sins of Working with an Agent. Moderator: Adam Pepper. Panelists Robert Fleck, Lori Perkins, Laura Bradford, Jeannie Eddy, Angela James
12:00PM Reading by Tim Marquitz
1:00PM Closing Ceremonies
6:00PM Dead Dog Party in the Hospitality Suite

Go to for more information and to register for the convention.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Evil Never Dies

So, my wife and I have been going through a really scary time the last few weeks. I was driving home from the gym about three weeks ago, listening to NPR as usual, when I heard a story about skin cancer. The announcer was describing the differences between melanomas and carcinomas and how to tell them apart. The description he gave sounded very much like a spot I had seen on my wife's arm. I decided to call her right then and there. I told her to make an appointment with a dermatologist. She did and they were able to get her in the next day.

At the dermatologists office the doctor walked in and walked directly over to Christie and circled a spot on her shoulder.

"Is this what you're here about?"

Well, they did a biopsy and it came back positive for melanoma. I was at work when I found out. I cried a little. I never cry. Ever. In case you don't know, melanoma is the bad one, the fatal one. I pulled myself together before I went home. The last thing Christie needed was to see tears in my eyes. I had to be strong for her. I held her while she cried and I assured her that everything would be okay.

We went back to the doctor last week and they cut a hole in her shoulder one inch all around the area where the melanoma had been discovered, cutting all the way to the bone. Then they performed another biopsy on what they removed. We had to wait a week to find out the results.

Today we went to the Nevada Cancer Institute. We registered her with the Cancer Association of America. They gave her a little card with her picture on it. Everyone there was amazingly polite and professional and just plain nice. It scared the shit out of us. We signed papers with the Cancer Research Institute allowing them to use her blood samples for research. Needless to say, we were scared to death by the time we finally got to see the oncologist. Luckily, he had good news. The surgery had been a success and all the cancer was gone. We had caught it before it had grown more than a few millimeters. The difference between a few millimeters of melanoma and a few centimeters of melanoma is the difference between a 90% survival rate and a 60%. It hadn't spread. There's a 30% chance that it will reoccur but if she stays out of the sun and wears sunblock she should be fine. I looked over at her after we got the good news and smiled.

"I told you, you'd be okay. Evil never dies."