Friday, November 20, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Take a peek inside The Resurrectionist! Coming from Leisure Books December 1st!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Verse

In keeping with my pledge to challenge myself this year I have nearly completed a collection of poetry to be released from Bandersnatch books in February 2010. Not content to merely stretch myself by trading prose for verse I further challenged myself by experimenting with Japanese and Korean formal structures, namely the haiku, the choka, tanka, and a Korean form called a sijo. But of course I didn't stop there. Many of the haiku in this collection, though individual poems in their own right, form larger poems when read one after another.

All of these forms have a very strict meter and structure. I honestly found the discipline of these ancient poems to be a perfect compliment to the discipline of my life as a martial artist. I even created my own form, influenced by the haiku, with a meter of five syllables followed by two lines with seven syllables each.

All of the poems in this collection are horror poems with themes of terror and tragedy. There are poems about everything from serial killers to werewolves, wendigos, and vampires, and even a serial killer murdering a vampire. There's a poem about a woman who murdered her child, a poem about a woman who murdered her husband, a cannibal poem, and much more to suit every palate so to speak.

I am only six poems and a few rounds of editing from completion. Look for it next year from Bandersnatch Books.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Miles of Hell

I am just sitting down to write my next novel. I'm working on the outline as we speak. It will be my first true "monster" novel. Here's the synopsis:

“When Dembe Lutalo was only seven years old he was kidnapped by the Lord’s Revolutionary Militia in Uganda and forced to become a child soldier. For five years he fought and killed, tortured and dismembered at the command of his general until he escaped to America where he was adopted by a former Red Cross volunteer he’d met in Africa named Jonathan Moore.
Four years later, Dembe has a new life, a new father, and the promise of a career as a marathon runner. But when he and his adopted father enter the Miles of Hell ultra-marathon, 135 miles through Death Valley in mid-July, he finds himself in a life and death struggle against vicious humanoid predators, the merciless heat and grueling terrain of the Mojave desert, and the memories of Dembe’s own brutal past which may be his only hope of survival.”

The research on child soldiers has been eye-opening to say the least. The brutality that exists in this world is far more vicious and extreme than anything fiction has yet to approximate. But I'm trying ;)

It will probably take me three or four months to finish this one. I'm guessing I should have it done by late February or early March and then another six to twelve months before it's published. I wouldn't look for it to see print until winter of 2010/2011.