Sunday, June 26, 2011

His Pain

Next month Deadite Press will be re-releasing His Pain , originally published in 2006 by Delirium books as a limited edition. Here's the gist of the story:

19 year old Jason suffers from a rare central nervous system disorder that causes his brain to translate every physical sensation he experiences, every touch, every taste, every smell, sight, and sound into searing agony. From the day he emerged screaming in mortal anguish from his mother’s womb he has known nothing but pain. His days are spent in a padded rubber room and at night he seals himself in a sensory deprivation bag, insulated from all external stimuli. Even the sound of his own mother’s voice, the feel of her arms around him, are anathema. Until the day his mother summons a spiritual healer from the Temple of Physical Enlightenment who teaches him how to convert his agony into ecstasy. Now, Jason wants to share what he has learned with those he loves, to let them experience his pleasure and his pain.

You are going to love this one.