Friday, December 21, 2012

To The Death

So, I have an update on my zombie novel, now a zombie novella. Severed Press has picked up the novella and will be publishing it next year. I am currently doing a complete rewrite, adding fast zombies and increasing the ferocity of the kills. This is going to be one bloody book. I've already gotten through the first 25,000 words of what will end up being around 35,000 words and it is quite a nasty piece of work. Here's a brief synopsis:

In a village in Uganda, The Lord's Revolutionary Militia decimates an entire town and buries the bodies in a mass grave. Two days later, a ranger squad enters the same town and are attacked by hundreds of undead corpses, infected by a strange purple fungus. General Nwosu, leader of the Lord's Revolutionary Militia, with advice from a strange red-haired businessman named Bill Vlad, devices a plan to use the "dead ones" to take over all of Uganda. 

In San Francisco, Elgin Washington finds the body of former MMA legend, Hollister McCoy, in a dumpster. His body is badly decayed and covered in an unidentified purple fungus. His neck is broken and there is a gunshot wound in his forehead. Both wounds were delivered postmortem and there is evidence that Hollister's brain was still active at the time, several days after the rest of his body had begun to decompose.

Agent Emmanuel Stern was with the ranger squad in Uganda when they were overrun by hundreds of the living dead. He barely escaped with his life. Half their squad was decimated, killed by living corpses reanimated by a purple mold spore that had taken over their entire central nervous system. Days later, while preparing to return to Uganda amid reports that a local warlord was using the fungus to create an undead army, Agent Stern receives word that a corpse has turned up in America, in a major city, covered in an unknown purple fungus.

Tyler Payne has an anger problem. He used to deal with it by fighting on the streets and getting himself arrested. Then he found mixed-martial arts and his world changed. Now he had a legal outlet for his aggression and he did quite well, quickly rising through the ranks of the fight world. But when Tyler's anger began to ebb, he lost his edge. He began to lose. When a shady underground fight promoter named Bill Vlad invites him to fight in his "Terror Combat League" making more money than Tyler ever dreamed, he jumps at the opportunity. Soon he finds himself battling undead former martial-arts icons. Fighting the dead brings out Tyler's old killer instinct. After a few successful bouts, Vlad offers Tyler the fight of a lifetime, $750,000 dollars to fight Lester Broad, the former World Heavyweight Champion, a two-hundred-and-eighty-pound monster who knows no fear, feels no pain, and has only one drive... hunger!

To The Death
by Wrath James White

Coming 2013 from Severed Press!

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Just ordered from Amazon for only $9.99; can't wait to get it!