Sunday, June 03, 2012

Prey Drive: Succulent Prey II

In 2005 Bloodletting Books published my very first novel, a visceral, psychosexual bloodbath titled Succulent Prey. Succulent Prey told the story of 6'6", 260lb, muscle-bound psychology student, Joseph Miles. Tortured by his obsession with the consumption of human flesh, Joseph sought a cure for his addiction, first by attending group therapy sessions and then by researching the problem on his own. Joseph believed that a serial child murderer who assaulted him when he was young passed a  genetic virus onto him that was slowly turning him into a killer. He looked toward the vampire and werewolf legends for some clue to what was happening to him and became convinced that he must find and kill the person who originally infected him in order to be free of the curse. Then he met Alicia Rosado and it was love at first sight. Joseph was so smitten with the voluptuous Spanish woman that he kidnapped her and chained her to his bed. The novel was one non-stop sensory assault of sex and violence. Three years later, Succulent Prey was picked up by Leisure Books and published as my first mass-market novel.

2013 will see the release of Prey Drive: Succulent Prey II. The sequel finds Joseph Miles behind bars in the supermaximum security wing of the state prison. Looking for a way to escape, and with his faith in a cure beginning to wane, Joseph begins a series of dangerous manipulations involving his cousin, a Goth serial killer fanatic named Dirk who is eager to help his infamous cousin in anyway possible; Cindy, a lonely corrections officer with a history of romantic involvement with inmates; and Selene, the emotionally unstable model who cut off her nipple and fed it to him, who is now searching for the secret to the ultimate sexual experience. The four converge in one of the most violent, erotic, and terrifyingly gruesome stories I've written in years.
I believe I have grown quite a bit as a writer since the original novel, but that may be a personal conceit. You, the reader, will have to confirm or deny that assumption when the book is finally released next year. I do know that Prey Drive is one hell of a novel. One of my prereaders called it "The best sequel to a novel he's ever read." Of course, being my prereader, he is already a fan of extreme horror and my writing in particular, so I take that endorsement with some hesitation. Still, it was good to hear, and one thing I do know is that, if you liked the original, you're going to love the sequel.