Saturday, September 29, 2012

And Now...

KillerCon has come and gone and it was as fabulous as a six-foot drag queen in a blonde afro-wig and 6-inch stilettos, as sexy as a stripper's bachelorette party, as informative as a graduate school Creative Writing lecture, as productive as a polygamist's womb, as wild as my bedroom in 1992. Now, it's back to writing. Currently writing my first pure zombie novel to be published by Severed Press. The novel is to be titled TO THE DEATH. It mixes the ravenous undead with mixed-martial arts. Violence ala mode.

I just finished writing a new novella for Sinister Grin Press about a beauty and weight loss clinic that offers plastic surgery, diet and exercise programs, and a genetic retro-virus guaranteed to make you lose weight faster than you ever dreamed possible. The only problem are the side-effects, a rapacious appetite, venomous saliva, and red fangs. The novella is called VORACIOUS and it is due to be released early next year.

And then there's PREY DRIVE, SUCCULENT PREY PART II. PREY DRIVE picks up where SUCCULENT PREY left off. Joseph Miles is locked in a maximum security prison, desperate to get out and resume his quest for a cure for his addiction to human flesh. To that end, he manipulates a prison guard, a long-lost family member, and a woman who may just be more violent and dangerous than Joseph Miles himself.  Sinister Grin Press will be releasing this little nightmare-maker at WHC 2013 in New Orleans.

Yeah, I can't wait either.